Are you looking for a website that is clean, professional and designed specifically to create more customers?

In today’s world the need for a website is becoming a necessity  not only is a website going to cut it, but you also need a site that speaks to your customers and ultimately is designed to get more customers!

A study from the Aberdeen group shows that websites with a responsive premium website will experience a 10.9% increase in visitor to buyer conversion rates year after year, while non responsive websites only experiencing a 2.7% increase.

All our sites are responsive, these days everyone uses their phone more than their laptop and we make sure you don’t lose customers to poorly designed sites.



Our first step. This is where we learn about you, what you do and the site that you are looking for, we will look at your target market and go through some ideas and begin our initial phase of discovering more about your business.


This is the step where we begin to discuss your design. With our consultation we are well on the way to building you a beautiful website. We will work with you implementing various layouts and designs until you are 100% satisfied.


This is the step where we begin to execute on your idea! This is where you can sit back and watch as your ideas come to life.


The final step where your site is live! We will help you with uploading new content, enabling you to change elements as you see fit or as your business changes.


It’s okay, many business owners are still unsure of, or simply don’t understand, the impact of SEO. Simply put, SEO is word-of-mouth online. It is the most trusted and result-driven service you can use to increase online visibility.

SEO is the process of getting more traffic to your website by getting the site listed and ranked highly for queries relating to your product, market or business in the organic search results.Not only is SEO one of the best tools for delivering top notch search results, it takes the stress out of finding new clients and drastically improves profits.

FACT 1: 70 – 80% of people ignore the paid advertisements and go straight to the organic results!

FACT 2: 75% of people will not look past the first page of Google search results!

There is an optimal marketing window businesses are now trying to squeeze into. Other businesses not ahead of the curve will be left behind; in a competitive world your only chance is to compete. So this is where we come in. Using our SEO strategies we actively take direct control of all the stress and worry, However realistically a campaign can take months for results, this is with all SEO services, but ultimately this is the purest way of getting the results you require. And in our experience a much better alternative to PPC (Pay Per Click advertisting). Which is an incredibly costly exercise.

Let us start to attract leads to you naturally, and get you to that first page of Google. Save your time, stress and give you the opportunity to enjoy with family. While your profits have a tried and tested drastic increase. And all you have to do is answer the phone calls, respond to the emails and close your prospective deals.

Starting to sound good?We think so too, and so do our clients…




By 2017, 69% of all online traffic will consist of video content. (Posted by Steve Day, Creative director of whiteboard animation studio) That percentage includes the explainer format, which will have almost tripled during that time period. Video is not only the primary means many people use for entertainment, but it is also where consumers turn to most often when researching products. Businesses of all sizes should be using explainer videos right now, and many already see it as it is: the future of online content marketing. When polled, 90% of online shoppers said they found videos helpful in making decisions.

The growing trend is in explainer videos, a great little animation in getting your message across is another avenue that DESIGN8 travel down. If it increases your revenue then we include the service.


This is where we can discuss your ideas and the message you are trying to convey.


We will write you a professional script that will specifically target your customers and market, following many known formulas that are designed to make profit.


We will animate your video in the style that you see fit giving you the best animation style for your business.


We will source you the most professional and experienced voice over artist to match your service or product needs.


A brand new awesome animation ready to be posted to your website and to impress your customers with!