Facebook Marketing


Facebook is one of the most effective tools to market because everyone is using it, so what better way to get in front of your potential customers! Facebook has made it a lot easier to stay in touch with friends, relatives as well as meeting new people and that is why it’s perfect for advertsing. People are tending to share more and more information online. It’s becoming easier now to filter your potential customers through demographics to show your ads, i.e. to drive the sales or increase your leads and stay relevant in your customers mind. Before you go further, have an eye on the facts below:

Facebook has 845 million monthly active users.

That generates 1 trillion page views a month.

December 31, 2014; Facebook had 1.19 Billion mobile users a month.

Facebook Ad Campaigns: The Direct Approach to Your Customers

So what better way to connect with potential customers than using the greatest social media outlet of our time! If you’re targeting any potential markets, you should be reaching out on this powerful platform, especially now; since Facebook’s data collection policies have made it a lot easier to target specific groups and those that share those similar interests, this is potentially laser guided advertising  and you can hit them directly with it!

82% of the active users use mobile devices to access Facebook, which means your ads have to be customized or designed as per mobile platforms – small, informative, readable, attractive.

We know how to make most from the Facebook advertising, and craft an effective digital advert strategy for your brand; we follow the plan, run the advertising campaign, generate the results and keep you updated along the way.